It’s not possible to speak about the geographical and cultural centrality of the Mediterranean without committing an abuse. Doing so, we know, therefore, we are needed to an act of force: and we want now acting it out.

Doing so, we suggest here a reflection that, starting from the current events of the Greek crisis, prove to re-read the content and the illusions of the Arab Spring and the mystification of political news hegemonic in the West, to reverse the perspective from the point of view of dialogue between peoples and citizens and raise political protest non-violent, based on listening, aimed at restoring the primacy of the intellect and of spirit over matter.

With these assumptions, we intend to propose conditions and contents for a meaningful transnational conference

“A New Deal for the Mediterranean”

of which this paper is presented as an introduction and methodological rationale, and that will be submitted to the governing bodies of the Movimento Roosevelt.

§1 Geographical and cultural centrality

The geographical centrality of the Mediterranean is quite clear: it was the nature, the artifex of the worlds, which carved on this globe for the wonder of our consciences. The cultural centrality is equally evident, while recognizing Mesopotamian origins and Asian influences, it is through the Mediterranean civilizations that archetypes of our collective consciousness take permanent shape .

This is so obvious that talking about it seems to appear as committing a violation, the abuse of those who proposes themes worn, really abused, on which you can not add anything more. In this way it has been built the new taboo, the dogma of the propaganda that has replaced the central Mediterranean with the new central Atlantic, from the colonization of the Americas and that continues today. In the name of the Atlantic centrality, we are built the new and modern balance, which led to sunset aristocracies of the Ancient Regime.

It is not the place for a historical retrospective: we come quickly to mind, to find the parameters of Maastricht and economic policies of the Stability Pact, the constraint of a balanced budget and policies of austerity across the flavor of who takes the advantage of these policies, which are structurally inadequate to Mediterranean countries.  No surprise if they are of benefit to the countries of the Atlantic axis.

And ‘natural that, in saying that, there is no regret the ages of obscurantism and absolutism of the Old Regime. If anything, there is the regret of not having been able to work out any other policy that glosses reactionary and anachronistic the Counter.

§2 The events in Greece

It’s still heavy legacy of this hegemony Atlantic that, despite appearances of a democratic freedom, in fact imposed an economic colonialism that, especially in the case of the countries of the Mediterranean, was manifested with the support to dictatorships . In Greece the Colonels’ dictatorship (τὸ καθεστώς τῶν Συνταγματαρχών), also known as ‘the Giunta’ (ἡ Χούντα), lasted throughout the period between April 21, 1967 and July 24, 1974, in the very years in which the rest of ‘Europe was the great period of development.

The entrance into the European Union in 1979 came from the greek people then lived as a time of redemption and emancipation, something extremely important and valuable. As always it happens in human things, however, while the contents ideals took shape, there were those who drew it in his own way profit.

The endemic corruption that crosses Greece, with policies objectively unsustainable is the price of subordination. It means, with judgment that includes a policy not dissimilar in place in Italy, that underdevelopment is the price you pay for tolerating that there is someone who benefits from works poorly (or not implemented at all), the transformation of rights in privileges and the debasement of the civil service.

The system nefarious policies that holds the yoke the greek people, the system of unjustified privileges, easy money and corruption is bad money that destroys the economy of good and confirms the subordination Atlantic.

The pylon collapses in Sicily for a maintenance ever made in the face of years of European funding for “the recovery of the infrastructure deficit” is another image is not to say that Sicily is Magna Greece, but Italy is not free from all this subordination and from this yoke.

Another analogy, finally, is given by the easy “horse trading” in politics: the 40 deputies who leave Tsipras are likely bought, how easy it is to buy in Italy an MEP at the time of requesting consent. If Syriza, the party of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the new is that buying them is not only through the internal corruption but with international capital which, mind you, does not respond to the European Union but, on the contrary, to private directs policies.

§3 The Arab Spring

The disastrous outcome of the Arab Spring in 2010 was the tomb of light and hope the countries of the Maghreb African Atlas. We may say it is certainly a failure of the mission of the West to export democracy around the world. But it is too simple to reply – as does the regime press – that you can not just take a model and transfer it and this is the reason for the failure. Of course, in transferring a pattern, this must be adapted to the specific needs of the area. But this is not the point. It ‘s totally false that the majority of people in Africa and in the Middle East do not want democracy and a way of life more emancipated.

The truth of the common people is that everyone wants to live in European or American. I say this also personally, having gained a good knowledge of these countries, having had correspondence and contacts with intellectuals in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Iraq: people want to live quiet, be sure to be able to feed themselves and to have the freedom Basic. The truth is that against the common sense of ordinary people, single national states accelerated policies to support a new scheme to bribe the system of constraints, in order to have direct benefits, with no regard to the request for freedom that came from the people.

What happened in Egypt, after the deposition of Mubarak and then to the one of Morsi, in turn replaced with Al-Sisi – coincidentally, a military man; the chaos in Libya after the destruction of the Qaddafi regime, the chaos in Syria, with oscillating policies that sometimes seen in a terrible dictator Assad and soon a valuable ally against Islamic extremism: all this gives the image of the fragmentation of the ‘ Western action to promote democracy in these countries.

§4 The mystification

If we stop at this level of analysis, we would remain still in the realm of deception. There’s more. It ‘s clear that there’s more of the “guilty sloth”. The intention is to keep these people in chaos and disorder. The proof of this is the fact that not one of the intellectuals who promote freedom and a correct interpretation of the Koran, not one of the singers of Rai and the protest music of the Maghreb, not one of them was heard by the West. Nothing they did the Western media to talk about the demand for freedom of the peoples.

Instead, propaganda wicked, malignant, fueled in us the suspicion towards them, creating a stereotype image which we are inevitably in conflict, as well as in fact happens. In this way, you will notice that the attacks of the so-called ISIS (acronym that has no comparison in the Arabic language and appearing well otherwise evident in his Masonic figure) has been made by all grown men and trained in the West, even if they were to Middle Eastern origin, radicalized according to the teachings of a pseudo-Islam (that with a correct interpretation of the Koran has nothing in common) and sent to training camps where the West develops its business more dirty (as in the case of Afghanistan where , following the mission “peace” Western, opium production has increased tenfold):

Not surprisingly, the most terrible disasters occurred in the most advanced among the countries of the Maghreb – Tunisia, which upon completion dellla own “Arab Spring” has placed a Permanent Social Forum (World Social Forum, held this year in March) just to create a psychological situation of panic and disrupt communications with the Western world.

§5 Listening and cultural development

The only possible antidote to this state of affairs is listening permanent activation of bridges of communication. Thus we come to the part of this proposal propositva

“A New Deal for the Mediterraneam”

Italy is a natural bridge suspended over the Mediterranean, a long walkway that is symbolically crossing point and hub for the natural intersection between the European side and the African coast and the Middle East. It is therefore to provide policies listening.

The New Deal Mediterranean spontaneamete will arise from dialogue between these countries, to develop solutions different from those today hegemonic for the production and distribution of the wealth of which, do not forget, the money is simply an intermediary.

Challenge the primacy of the currency is even easier, since the financing of the economy (as well they speak today of capitalism ultrafinanziario) it has now no relation to the cost of production of primary goods.

Challenge the falsehood of the primacy of the money is fatal to counter the hypocrisy of the recipe that is now offered by the proponents of liberalism and monetarism, which is solely to privatize. Instead, we need to shelter the essential goods (water, basic food resources, energy, environment) from private management and access to a new notion of the public system and the social market economy.

Do not define this a “third way”, primarily because we are no longer in the era of the Cold War between capitalism and communism, but also because it allows us to remember that attempts so marked have been strongly opposed by the powers that be, such example occurred when Enrico Mattei tried an Italian approach to the management of oil resources, which cost him his life.

No illusion then, but no renunciation of thinking, such a momentous task that the Movement Roosevelt and the progressive forces must be able to grasp. The first step of this operation consists in developing a transnational conference, to be held in spring 2016, with the hearing of the main representatives of the progressive forces in Europe and the Mediterranean.