Neuroinformatics. Neuroeconomy. These are the kind of discipline that are the main field of studies inside Californian universities. The starting point is that in a world saturated with interactive technology, human brain is exposed to the risk to be hijacked.

This article is entitled “Set for the control of your mind”, because the matter is contemporary world as a system where mind control is already going. An article on TIME, April 23, 2018 “The Masters of Mind Control” can be referred as main source about the direction our world is moving on.

What we are going to say is not just a stereotype image focused on the darker side as such as “social media are creating a technology of addiction”, but also on the opportunities that this new world implies, if we will be able to have a critical threshold to understand the border between passive and active behavior.

It’s an old story, and it’s the foundation of magic: the Magus is the one who has became completely active. Now, in the contemporary world, to dominate media technologies is the modern attitude of magic. Another way to affirm this concept could be express saying magic is a ring of protection against invasion of external insiders of our thought.

We are going to affirm that consciousness is going to make the difference. The mocking system of “trigger, action, reward” is compulsive in people with low capacity of critical interpretation. Therefore, the activities that are since always the main task of people engaged in an esoterical pathway.

The real game is not for fun, as the giants of technology perfectly know: it’s about who control your mind. Of course, there’s always the possibility of opting out, but who will choose this option will be cut outside. Stay in, this means to accept the risk of manipulation, of course, but also the opportunity to generate anticorps and make value from the participation.

Technology allows to each one to get in touch with a potential of 2,1 billion people, that is something never happened in the history of humanity. Technology allows to each one of us to get quite every book we are looking for. Technology allows to each one of us to get in touch with the community we are looking for. Technology allows to each one to move around the world at a reasonable price.

THE OPEN TEMPLE wants to get the deal, realizing what it has been something always dreamed by the esoterical Orders: gathering together a community with a real propension towards emancipation through sharing knowledge.

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