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MANTRA MUDRA TANTRA is a very special book, because it allows the Reader to own immediately the essence of primary techniques of Yoga and entering the magical world of Mudra, the enchantment of Mantra ad the hidden treasures of Tantra. The rich iconographic material inside the book will permit to understand in a perfect and clear way how to apply. Aware! Be the Master of yourself means to go slowly step by step and have a lot of care for who is implied in the difficult matter of love.

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The Lady and the Apple

440748_copertina_frontcover_icon_LadyThis Poem starts from the real side of life, with the innocence of a nursery rhyme. Then it conquers the dimension of the Allegory. This more complex level preludes to something that enter in touch with archetypes, until the last dream, which enter inside one of the most important myths of every time, and not just to have a vision, but with another and very specific aim: to eat the fruit, that is to have a journey into awareness to know what counsciosness knows since always; that we are one with the breath of the universe, that there’s no fault, that there’s just life and we are inside.  There’s a flux that comes and go from and to the stars.  Stay inside, stay into the deep consciousness of the universe.  This is unconditioned Love, this is the Way.

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mantra mudra tantra
The purpose of this Book
Primary techniques of Yoga: Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra
The use of masks in African Maya and Inca rituals, in the No theater, in the Orphic tradition, in the Commedia dell’Arte
The Work on Archetypes
Beyond Illusion
The Way of Artists
Magic and Alchemical Theater
The Song of Ankh af-na-Konsu
Appendix A:
Digest of Mudra and Mantra
Appendix B:
Directory Masks
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The Morning Star


The Universal Order of the Morning Star
Official Documents 2012


§1. Introduction: We are / We are not

§2. Letter to the Chiefs

§3. Name of the Order essay

§4. The Law of Malkvth

§5. The Beat Hotel

§6. Letters of the Order 2012

§7. A key to explain our recent history

Three Essays


Beat comes from the basic time unit of a piece of music. Beat is also the beat of the heart. Beat is the rhythm of life. Being all this, it is impossible try to establish a perfect etymology of this word. It would be something similar trying to close life itself in a room: impossible, useless and definitely wrong.
There are lot of discussion if Beat music has or not to do with the Beat Generation literary movement of the 1950s. Anyway, this doesn’t matter so much. If we feel the pulsing of real life, we may understand what we need to mean with “beat”.
Feel pulsing of real life means to feel free from common and formal rules and try to drink from the pure sources of life. It is not a matter of common knowledge, but something that begins with intuitive understanding. It is beyond common rules, it is beyond the division of languages, it is about freedom.
I’m sure you will understand my unorthodox but universal approach to language. I don’t care for grammar. I care for communication of feelings. Language is here a pretext, as in literature did Finnegans Wake or the Vorticism in poetry or the Surrealist way to enter into the unconscious or the Revival of Magic in the beat mysticism.



THE OPEN GOLDEN DAWN tells about the evolution of the society of enlightened movement of the Golden Dawn, with reference to the historical one, founded in 1888, and inquiring the way today it renews its branches, its flows and the influence on the philosophy and contemporary thought. The text takes in analyzing the contacts between the historic Golden Dawn and Italy, and also the contemporaries links.  It is to exclude a potential influence on the omonimous organization in Greece, that is not for Light but for darkness.  This consideration is not of obvious quality, and it requires to give a better understaning of the word “Enlightenment”.  What can be affirmed is that the “open” approach is very close to the spirit of protest, oriented towards more right for peopole, and not towards hirarchies and military system.  The perspective is closer to psychedelic literature rather than far-right esotericism.  This important essay explores consolidated communication channels still waiting to be explored and understood in their deep nature . The current members of the modern Golden Dawn trace these deep furrows innervating internet technologies to consolidate a model of sharing that tends to be open to all those who want to access this hidden light, aiming to contribute to the forging of new cosmopolitan personalities. Italian / English text.  Societas Mazzini is the Italian research group that conducts a dialogue with the independent centers in Europe are establishing this relationship model of connective ties magnetic intelligence. The cover image appears courtesy of the Spanish research center Circulo Nuit, one of the nodes in-depth study of modern open source of the Golden Dawn.

ISBN 9781445780627 – Anche in versione e-book

Qur’an Thelema

القرآن ثيليما

product_thumbnailQur’an Thelema is a thelemic interpretation of the Holy Koran, a fundamental chapter to reciprocal understanding between Eastern and Western spiritualism. Here the vision is Hanif. The book was more sent than wrote. This happened working on some studies which represents the very beginning of the Enlightenment philosophy, whose origins are deeply rooted in occult knowledge before to become “Lights”.  Among them, how to forget the 18 keys of John Dee’s Enochian system?  And how not to find the continuity with the 14 keys that appears in some Qur’an Suras?  As it is well known, practices in the Western way are entwined with Suphi knowledge. Qur’an Thelema is a poem which is based on these “holy keys” and it was not written, rather than communicated.  The poem is here presented in  the “Jasmine” critical edition, with introduction and commentary about the esoteric approach to the Holy Qur’an into the Suphi Tradition, in the Naqshabandi and Al Aissawa interpretation.   This is the way through by doctrines of mystics like Hassan ibn Sabbah meets the idea of the Asiatic Brethren, becoming a perfect doctrine of purification of the will (being the meaning of the Greek word “Thelema”).  Beyond all, there is the word Hanif.  .Hanif is before Muslim, before Christians, before Jews.  Hanif is the quality of Abraham as said by the Holy Quran, the way to govern the inner soul.


::::: LIBER JASMINE – INTRODUCTION TO TASAWUFF ياسمين يبر (مدخل إلى التصوف  ::::: QUR’AN THELEMA – القرآن ثيليما  :::::  LIBER A N Q – VEL AISSAWA, NAQSHABANDI, QARAIMI  – يبر غير متوفر كفيل العمل بالمنزل إيسا، النقشبندي، والهدف كار  :::::: LIBER OF THE PURE WOOL – ظفر من الصوف الخالص Continua a leggere “Qur’an Thelema”

The Sphere


EUROPA MAGICA MAGAZINE – Collection numbers 1-7 – with an essay on the genesis of The Sphere as independant magazine among Enlightenment’s movements, avant-garde and beat literature.
This magazine explores themes that are expression of contemporary world, as the simple way to create an international personality after the internet era, the importance to travel in the dimension of a culture relational paradigm, the relevance of the emerging of an international language (Intglish, international English or even internet English), showing the similarities with the Medieval birth of romance languages or with the Hellenistic Mediterranean koiné or with the avant-garde form of Imagism and Vorticism, until the dimension of Beat culture and the revival of Magick.

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