Politics and the Arts in a Time of Crisis and Anxiety

Politics and the Arts in the Digital Age

European Consortium for Political Research – Haskolatorg University

Reykjavik, August 2011

Keywords: Democratisation, Cyber Politics, Religion

Author: Davide Crimi

§1. Abstract

§2. From information to communication: the political meaning of the internet revolution, the shift of power, the European Spirit and the emerging new class of international personalities; social networks as tools for revolution: a jasmine’s scent; the emerging of new kinds of jobs

§3. EOΣ – Europae Open Sphere: sapere aude; a cup of tea; Intglish and the nouvelle koiné, etc.; changes in individual behaviour; willingmess to know

§4. The willingness to travel and the special savoir faire to set up the social intelligence emerging from qualified relation between creative international personalities

§5. Emancipation, progress, awakening; looking for new kind of jobs: public/private partnership; the new system of social service in modern world: a poli-functional laboratory; three levels in social entrepreneurship and other tools for AGENDA 20.20

5.1 The first level of social entrepreneurship: the basic needs. Reingeneering Social Services

5.2 The second level of social entrepreneurship: the reingegneering process of public/private partnership, reshaping the urban/rural balance.

5.3 The third level of social entrepreneurship: the cultural needs. Thinking tourism as anthropological experience

§6. EUR/OPEN as virtual space: magazines, e-books, internet TV as rooms of conversation; EUR/OPEN as physical space: housing THE M FOUNDATION as Mediterranean Library

§7. Beyond and far from post-modernism; connectivism; post-modernism as new prehistory; towards the change of paradigm, deviance of freedom, Maisons de la Fraternité, Fraternitatis Orientis et Occidentis

§8. Theatre as travel into subconscious; hippies, hipster, freaks and beatnik of contemporary time; creating drugs by internal resources inside the body. The philosophical level of SOCIETAS MAZZINI

§9. Spreading, diffusion, transferability, repliability

Appendix A: Study for a Maison de la Fraternité – Naxos

Appendix B: Study for a Maison de la Fraternité – Teatro delle Arti