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THE OPEN GOLDEN DAWN tells about the evolution of the society of enlightened movement of the Golden Dawn, with reference to the historical one, founded in 1888, and inquiring the way today it renews its branches, its flows and the influence on the philosophy and contemporary thought. The text takes in analyzing the contacts between the historic Golden Dawn and Italy, and also the contemporaries links.  It is to exclude a potential influence on the omonimous organization in Greece, that is not for Light but for darkness.  This consideration is not of obvious quality, and it requires to give a better understaning of the word “Enlightenment”.  What can be affirmed is that the “open” approach is very close to the spirit of protest, oriented towards more right for peopole, and not towards hirarchies and military system.  The perspective is closer to psychedelic literature rather than far-right esotericism.  This important essay explores consolidated communication channels still waiting to be explored and understood in their deep nature . The current members of the modern Golden Dawn trace these deep furrows innervating internet technologies to consolidate a model of sharing that tends to be open to all those who want to access this hidden light, aiming to contribute to the forging of new cosmopolitan personalities. Italian / English text.  Societas Mazzini is the Italian research group that conducts a dialogue with the independent centers in Europe are establishing this relationship model of connective ties magnetic intelligence. The cover image appears courtesy of the Spanish research center Circulo Nuit, one of the nodes in-depth study of modern open source of the Golden Dawn.

ISBN 9781445780627 – Anche in versione e-book

The Sphere


EUROPA MAGICA MAGAZINE – Collection numbers 1-7 – with an essay on the genesis of The Sphere as independant magazine among Enlightenment’s movements, avant-garde and beat literature.
This magazine explores themes that are expression of contemporary world, as the simple way to create an international personality after the internet era, the importance to travel in the dimension of a culture relational paradigm, the relevance of the emerging of an international language (Intglish, international English or even internet English), showing the similarities with the Medieval birth of romance languages or with the Hellenistic Mediterranean koiné or with the avant-garde form of Imagism and Vorticism, until the dimension of Beat culture and the revival of Magick.

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