Reading this ACADEMICUS nr. X issue, it seems to me well recognizable the sings of a spirit of evolution, a commitment in improving our awareness in a modern and cosmopolitan world, a contribute to  understanding, at social level, the challenges towards a real democratization process , giving value and expression – at the individual level – to  voices directed to the effort to increase consciousness and awareness.

These purposes – beside to the scientific aim of each research and field of inquiring – springs from each corner of the Journal.  I feel and smell this air of cultural independence starting from Franco Ferrarotti’s introduction, quoting his early translation of Thorstein Veblen’s works – and the reaction of the conservative establishment, then represented by Croce; and continuing with the suggestion to go beyond meaningless doubts (as suggested in Marsonet’s essay on the relation between ontology and epistemology), with the need to generate some steps forward from the economy of the past, based on remittance (Shera and Sheahj), pushing towards changes to be realized with instrument on our own resources (this consideration being important for each national country),  to generate inclusion.

This feeling constellates the several articles on the theme of human rights, stressing some critical factors like the absence of international agreed standards to define what is “maladministration” or, on the contrary, positive notions such as “organizational commitment”.  Reforms, by themselves, are not at all a warranty to improve and ameliorate the system we live in (Ceço).  The main factor still remain culture and education (social inclusion and inclusive education, with the terms of Marsela Robo).  Employment is not just a matter about poor living conditions but it is more about inability in fully participate in society.

These short considerations allow me to better understand on why and how an unusual essay, like the one I purposed, had space and dimension into this Journal, and I’m proud to give contribution in this creative process of a line of thought rooted in giving value to independence and autonomy as conditions for a better society.

Then, dearest Brothers and Sisters, forgive this conclusione and please note an article of mine (abstract at page 7 and full article from page 75 to page 92).  It’s about early sources of beat literature and their involvement in the process of emancipation and awareness, elevating the meaning of youngster’s culture of rock music and performance having a deeper understanding of their connection with literature and liberal arts, finding the way to drive them towards a new framework where to build cosmopolitan personalities.