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Every man and every woman is an artist. M Foundation is focused on the purpose of generate condition able to reveal the spiritual life inside the inner life of everyone. M Foundation is not aimed to create a profit from your wishes and desires, but the real core of our work is to share this inner life, revealing the spiritual. We are not selling a product but we are working to unify the spiritual life and generating a philosophical change. Help us in spreading this way of thinking!

What thought then? Liberty, freedom, emancipation, delivering from conditioning, the wonderful tradition of libero arbitrio…

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An event by M FOUNDATION is not aimed on selling something… it is not a product-based activity. A book or a review are not products in our philosophy. Therefore, you will not find our books or reviews at an event organized by us. The principle of culture is an immaterial one and we want to hold like that the principle, intangible. The main part of our material are at your disposal in the net for free, with a free download. What is not is about a kind of reservation.

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