– A partnership proposal on INTERREG MED

§1.  Forewords.  The MED INTERREG Programme  is a transnational programme of European territorial cooperation. It is financed by the European Union as an instrument of its regional policy and of its new programming period. It continues the tradition of the European programmes for cooperation (previously named Interreg).  The transnational setup allows the programme to tackle territorial challenges beyond national boundaries, such as environmental risk management, international business or transport corridors. So far, 155 projects have been programmed, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) up to a rate of 85%.  With a budget of more than 250M€ (whose 193M€ of ERDF), the Programme will launch, until exhaustion of its ERDF envelope, calls for projects to build transnational partnerships aiming at meeting the priority objectives of the Programme in the Mediterranean space.

Programme objectives are:  To improve the area’s competitiveness in a way that guarantees growth and employment for the next generations (Lisbon strategy);  To promote territorial cohesion and environmental protection, according to the logic of sustainable development (Goteborg strategy).

The Cooperation Programme is available for download through this page. You will also find summaries and detailed background information.  See also this short presentation.

§2. Proposal


CFondazione Moncerning the specific idea “MEDITERRANEAN TRANSLATIONS” we would talk about now as project hypothesis of cooperation, we may concentrate our focus on Priority Investment 1b (entrepreneurship in cultural and creative industry), specific objective 1.1 (transnational cluster) developing a model of integrated relational tourism based on happening and their multimedia recording and diffusion.  With this aim, we are generating a partnership between small and medium publishers and cultural operators (Etna Piper) to share the aim to translate and give distribution to literature, movies, docufilms, happenings and performances with the aim to promote the Mediterranean culture, tradition, intellectual and spiritual life. This will be intertwined with research on the special field of young’s disease (prevention of maltreatment and abuse) and moreover with reference to the late part of life, cultivating health (here for you) through inclusive take care practices and added value of cultural exchange.

§3.  The need to have someone who listens to you

This is the very nuclear core of the project, which defines the general objective that is to improve actions already tested in the creative and cultural entrepreneurship to generate that social innovation which may transform the way to take care of people health and wellness, both in normal condition (integrated relational tourism (see pilot action Etna Piper) and when may be the need to restore a difficult situation (see pilot action research on maltreatment and
abuse) and for who is in an old-age phase of life, when the need to be listen appears even more important.  Here the three pilot actions that are the basis of the project:

The initiative “Etna Piper” follows the approach “experience in landscape”. It may be described as an happening (we are carrying on now! on September 25-27),  to share active meditations and actions in a special environment. With a modular composition, the experience can be lived and participate at several levels, including different perspective and awareness, from access level to avant-gard performers, creating something that includes the special taste of the special place chosen, moving the folk lores and the archetypes and making unique the experience, promoting the will to communicate it and share.

The research on “prevention of maltreatment and abuse” has the aim to improve the cooperation between schools and medical (pediatric) institutions, generating some step forwards in the path of research.  The specific aim is to create multi-task forces against the abuse on minors, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the UNICEF.

The general composition of the need to be listened is completed through by the composition of a network of centers with this special approach that are aimed to create reciprocal understanding for people of different culture and extractions, and with a special reference to third- and fourth-agers.  To “take care” is not just a civilization’s mark but it may be interpreted as the new frontier of employment and social enhancement. This is the meaning – and the added value – of this section of the project “here for you”.

In general, similar kind of activities should be able to confederate cultural entrepreneurs from all around Europe and promote their (our) cultural products in a lighter perspective (in comparison with old publisher’s technical issues), where innovative digital tools will be a leading part, reducing cost (no stock copies, e-book enhancement, etc.) and finding a special way in creating a special ring of communication with conferences, happening, exchanges of experiences author-translation, with the added value of the European cooperation.

§4.  Opening to other proposal and suggestions: Permanent partnership on several levels

We are interested too also to the other field of activity, and I wish to call your attention to a permanent partnership network generated according the pattern of EGCT, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation, a tool to facilitate cross-border, trans-national or inter-regional cooperationy, enabling regional and local authorities from different member states to cooperate more effectively, for example by allowing them to directly apply for and manage European funds. Here I’ve giving reference to the G.E.C.T. “Archimed” (Arcipelago delle Isole del Mediterraneo), a permanent agreement which involves the partners you may identify through the Archimed webpage.

§5. Contacts

Please contact fondazionem@gmail.com specifying in the object of your email “INTERREG MED PROPOSAL”

Thank you for your courtesy and care.