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 blowing the abstract the Author will present at EBSN AGM 2015: 4th ETNA PIPER)
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Do you want take part in this HAPPENING ON A LIVING MOUNTAIN?  We can host you at very cheap prices!  Please contact Hostel Agorà making reference to ETNA PIPER HAPPENING and you will get a be for less than 20 €!  Beat!  If you need for something more, please contact
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  • avant-garde movie directory (just few examples):
William Burroughs - cut up films
Brian Jones Presents The Pipes of Pan at Jajouka (full album);
Kenneth Anger's Inaguration Of The Pleasure Dome (1954 ...
Samuel Beckett Quad - YouTube
Images for Marjorie Cameron film

The Wormwood Star - YouTube (!!!)
Images for Fluxus happening
Yoko Ono, Paik, Vostell,...Fluxus-Happening ... - YouTube
Eugenio Barba y Odin Teatret - YouTube
Images for Living Theatre
Sufi dances
  • see also  video contest Shining Stars of Europe on the topic of development cooperation.
ETNA PIPER 4The plan is:
25/9 giornata prove (stage)
 (mezza informazione al cerchio esterno, per non togliere la spontaneità: consegna tamburi e sacchi di iuta / abito);
 (Element’s dance / danza degli Elementi: movimenti semi-fissi e circumambulazione con chiusura in posa fissa:  4 artisti);
 (Planet’s dance danza dei pianeti: circumambulazione con moto rotatorio e di rivoluzione  7 artisti);
 Hierophant / istruttore (Ierofania d’Orfeo): 1 artista.
26/9 esecuzione evento in loco ::: Happening performance
27/9 post-production elaborazione riprese coreografia in studio, da surmontare sul filmato “spontaneo”
a first suggestion:
raw movie files: contestuale alle esecuzioni come sopra
15′ movie: entro 5 ottobre prima bozza;
15′ movie; entro 12 ottobre finale;
cortometraggio docufilm: 31 ottobre consegna completa;
2′ viral clip (per candidatura shining stars of europe): entro la data di progetto
ETNA HAPPENING è parte degli eventi che si svolgono in tutto il mondo il 26 Settembre 100 Thousands Poets to Change the World / ETNA HAPPENING take part in the worlds event of the initiative 100 Thousands Poets to Change the World 
lo storyboard con disegni evocativi è nella disponibilità della coreografa Nella Regalino e sarà a breve pubblicato anche su questa pagina


now it is scheduled from 25 to 27 September 2015, a happening on the living mountain Etna, a fantastic three days of events in the incredible scenario of the highest volcano in Europe. The activities will be concentrated in this magical retreat during which you can share reflections and experiences, developing performances, tasting genuine food and observing the stars directly and with the aid of a telescope.

Why “happening”?

Happening was the form used in the ’60s and’ 70s to define a meeting-event in which you may be able to inquire your unconscious, with the aim to bring it to the level of efficient and conscious awareness, using communication techniques and gestural poses. They are famous models happenings of the time of the protest of the Free Speech Movement and the avant-garde group Fluxus, sit-ins and readings & mantras of Allen Ginzberg to the most recent experiments made by the Odin Teatret and the Living Theatre.

The goal is to achieve the basic features of an act that is both philosophical, artistic but also political and economic, affirming art as a spiritual language, oriented to define the contents of consciousness and freedom.



From this experience a short movie / documentary will be presented in October at the general meeting of the European Beat Studies Network.

Waiting for you here in Etna, September 25 to 27.

complete the form before 31 August to express your presence: form etna piper

Info and reservations: