n. 2/2011

spazio di pensiero dell’europa aperta

open space of the open europe



quel che i cittadini vogliono e si attendono dall’Europa

ce que les citoyens cherchent et souhaitent de l’Europe

what citizens look for and expect from Europe


Veronica Vicanco Cervero: Cultura y linguas en l’Union Europea

Sevgi Urum: the Art for Peace project

Jaylan Salman: Poetry and the Mediterranean

Marina Guyot: le donne del cambiamento.  Il premio Nobel Twakkul Karman e le altre donne della Primavera Araba

Virgilio Dastoli: A Mediterranean-Eu Community for a New Mankind Era

Special contents:

The paper presented to the ECPR’s conference in Reykjavik – EUROPEAN CONSORTIUM FOR POLITICAL RESEARCH: EOΣ – EUR/OPEN SPHERE Politics and the Arts in a Time of Crisis and Anxiety – Politics and the Arts in the Digital Age Keywords: Democratisation, Cyber Politics, Religion Author: Davide Crimi

see also the complete version of the paper,

with two studies on the recover of structures to be transformed

in Art’s Home of Solidarity in Culture:



See also the works given by M Foundation in the EUR/OPEN’s perspective:

M at the Cairo’s Conference (Helwan University, 2009)

M at the Reykjavik’s Conference (Haskolatorg University, 2011)

European Public Sector Award (EPSA) 2011 (our contribution: pag. 174)